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"This is fantastic"
Mick Foley, WWE Superstar

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15 june 2024

About Us

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Coming to a ring near you - FIST CLUB - a London based queer cabaret and pro wrestling night, aka your new favourite pastime. Feast your eyes on a dynamite mash-up of fantastical comedy, sensational drag kings & hard-hitting live wrestling from the most exciting grapplers around!

Forget everything you think you know about wrestling shows. We are flaming, stupendous and action packed with one clear mission - to prove that wrestling isn’t just drag for straight people, it’s drag FOR EVERYONE.

Expect: smack talking kings, sexy ring babes of all genders, flying bodies, burlesque, Cher, backflips, rippling muscles, drama & danger in the silliest way possible.

Launched in 2022 by drag artists Rocky Rhodes & Rich Tea (aka Big Dick Energy) & Heather Bandenburg (creator of I Need to Cher & Wrestival). FIST CLUB was created to centre and celebrate queer identities within wrestling, in the kind of joyful, off-the-wall, inclusive show that they'd never experienced before within the UK wrestling scene.

Rhodes, Tea and Bandenburg are frequently joined onstage by such amazing talent as Loose Willis (Pecs), Tizzy Von Tassel (Good Time Gals), and a spectacular cast of wrestlers including Rhia O’Reilly, Cassius, Ronnie Knocks, Livvii Grace, Lou Sa Soul, Gambit, Sass Central, Skye O. Shure & many more.

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